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Studying in mikkeli

The BScBA –program in Mikkeli is the only bachelor’s program in Finland where studies are done completely in English. Internationality will be a major part of your everyday student life during your time in Mikkeli. The last semester is spent abroad in exchange, in one of our many partner exchange schools across the globe.

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Studying in Mikkeli

What Makes Us Different

  1. All students major in international business and business administration

  2. Studying is done completely in English and completed in two and a half years

  3. Studying in three week modules, focusing on one course at a time

  4. Professors with an international background, arriving from all around the world

  5. Exchange semester in one of our partner universities

  6. Less than 100 students accepted each year

  7. An incredibly warm and welcoming student community

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Academic Affairs

All information on current Academic issues from
Here are some useful links:
- Calendar of the Academic Year
- Internalization and Study Abroad
- Partner Universities
- More information about the degree


From 2015 onwards all students accepted to the BScBA –program have an automatic study right to the Aalto University School of Business. More information on applying to other master’s programs in Aalto and the Criteria for Master’s program


More information on academic affairs from:
Academic Affairs Coordinator /

School’s study office /

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