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Aalto Mikkeli is home to a variety of nationalities and cultures. At Aalto Mikkeli, you are surrounded by people who have new and fascinating stories and cultural anecdotes to share. As an international student it can be difficult moving to a new country, where you do not speak the language or might understand the culture. Thankfully this is not a worry at Aalto Mikkeli because all of our studies, meetings, and social gatherings are conducted in English, with people as culturally open minded and as diverse as you! Our student board comes equipped with an International Affairs Coordinator to help you transition into the Mikkeli way of life, and to help you get accustomed to the wonderful country of Finland, and we often have at least one foreign student on the board who has firsthand experience with the challenges of moving abroad. If you are someone who is curious about the world and is looking for an amazing experience, then fly on over to Mikkeli, and let the Probba Board show you around!

- Oksana Mitchell, BScBA15

International Students

Before Coming to Mikkeli

Applying for an student apartment:
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Visit Finland:
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