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The Role of the Probba Board

  • Taking care of student wellbeing

  • Organizing events and free time activities

  • Being the link between the students and the staff

  • Taking care of the incoming exchange students

  • In charge of co-operation with KY, AYY and other business schools

Uy Vũ Lê

President of the Board

Ella Takala
Event Coordinator

Probba Board 2024

Venla Tuomala
Communications Coordinator
& Vice President
Neethila Nusrat
Master of Ceremonies
Miika Salonen &
Tristan Goodwin
Corporate Relations Representative

Freya Salovaara-Dean
Project Coordinator
Janette Mattila
Editor-In-Chief & 
Joakim Saario
Ondřej Moučka
Academic Affairs Coordinator
Felicia Sahi
​​​​​International Affairs Coordinator​​​
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