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Probba is the Student Association of Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli Campus. Probba was founded together with the BBA-program in 1989. When the program was changed to BScBA in the year 2000, Probba continued to cherish the legacy of the BBA–program by keeping its name with students still being called BABAs. The name Probba comes from the Latin term ‘’Pro BBA’’ which means for BBA. Probba is part of KY (the student organization of Aalto University School of business) as well as AYY (Aalto University Student Organization).


Probba are students who currently pursue studies in the BScBA program in International Business at Aalto University, Mikkeli Campus. Probba members, referred to as Babas, come from a variety of nationalities, backgrounds and cultures. Babas cherish each other's differences, embrace and ultimately bond over them. That is what makes being a Probba member or Baba so special, there is never a single dull moment, only lifelong friends and wonderful memories to be made.

Who is Probba

Don’t be fooled by the size of Mikkeli, there is always something fun to do! After school, students can participate in the many different activities clubs we have here: try out the traditional Finnish sitsits with NESU-Probba; visit our local sports club Skibba for weekly sports. But, if none of those are your thing, why not create your own club?!

Clubs and activities

Throughout the year, with a wide range of events organized by the board, the clubs serve as a contrast to the rigorous study schedule. Mikkeli offers a diverse array of activities, such as orientation week, Mayday, annual celebrations, and sporting events, so there's something for everyone, even if you're moving here from afar. If there is one unique thing about the Finnish student culture, it would be these events.


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